Thursday, September 21, 2006

HTTP server improvements and the release of GSoC 2006 work

My HTTP and BitTorrent components produced for Google Summer of Code 2006 are now in Kamaelia's main tree (/Code/Python/Kamaelia/ in subversion).

I'm auditing HTTP server components for security and efficiency to get it past the 'toy' stage of development. So far, I've begun setting limits for request sizes (not POST body sizes, just header and URI sizes). I have also improved standards-compliance by converting HTTP version numbers to tuples of the form (major, minor). This makes comparisons much easier than if they were stored as strings.

I have also augmented the CharacterFIFO (character queue) class that originated in Chunkifier with a "popline" method, allowing it to be used in HTTPParser. This character queue replaces the old, inefficient concatenation methods that were previously in use.

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